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Play by Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, translated by Eduardo Machado.

Hampstead Theatre, London
Previewed 23 August 1990
Opened 28 August 1990
Closed 6 October 1990

The Day You'll Love Me is set in the Ancizar family home in Caracas in 1935 where two sisters (the stern oldest sibling, Elvira Ancízar (Gillian Barge) and the romantic María Luisa Ancízar (Maria Friedman), an often-tipsy brother, Placido Ancízar (John Burgess) and an excitable niece Matilde Ancízar (Victoria Scarborough) live. The communist Pío Miranda (Matthew Marsh) plans to elope with María Luisa and settle in Stalin's Ukraine, but then the arrival of superstar tango singer Carlos Gardel (Greg Hicks) turns this dysfunctional family upside-down.

Maria Luisa AncízarMARIA FRIEDMAN
Placido AncízarJOHN BURGESS
Carlos GardelGREG HICKS

Production Team
DirectorLisa Forrell
DesignerAndrew Wood
LightingTina MacHugh
SoundFrank Bradley
Song Lyrics

(English version)
The day you'll love me,
there will only be harmony,
the dawn will be clear
and the springs will give pure water,
the breeze will bring warm and soothing melodies
the fountains will sing a clear simple song.
The day you'll love me,
the song bird will sing so sweetly,
the truth will shine forth,
and pain will not exist.

(Spanish version)
El día que me quieras,
no habrá más que armonia,
será clara la aurora y alegre el manantial,
traerá quieta la brisa rumor de melodia
y nos darán las fuentes su canto de cristal.
El día que me quieras,
endulzarã sus cuerdas el pájaro cantor,
florecerá la vida,
no existirá el dolor.

Quotes From The Press

"...There are impeccable performances from Maria Friedman, as the besotted Marxist, Gillian Barge, as the sceptical sister and Victoria Scarborough as the gushing romantic..." Milton Shulman, The London Evening Standard (29 August 1990)

"...Maria Friedman is hilariously and touchingly torn between her high ideals of communism and the sexual glamour of the tango..." Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph (1 September 1990)

"...Maria Friedman, Gillian Barge, Victoria Scarborough; all excellent..." Clive Hirshhorn, The Sunday Express (2 September 1990)

"...Maria Luisa, played with exactly the right transparent credulity by Maria Friedman..." Kate Kellaway, The Observer (2 September 1990)


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