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A Girl Named Maria
The Daily Telegraph, Magazine: 14 April 1990
Every year it seems a new star is born, only to fade into obscurity with the last curtain call. But Maria Friedman is the genuine article read more

Back to her Roots
The Times, Saturday Magazine: 21 May 1994
Maria Friedman has been likened to Minnelli and Midler, but the chanteuse is a truly British, and classical, cabaret star read more

Star Life: Maria Friedman
The Daily Telegraph, Magazine: 6 May 1995
Singing in strip joints and at a family music festival led to an award-winning show read more

She's done it her way
The Times: 9 May 1995
Maria Friedman cut no corners in getting her one-woman show to the West End read more

Between the Lines
The Independent: 28 February 1996
'The first time I met him, it was like meeting Mozart': the musical actress Maria Friedman on how Stephen Sondheim changed her life read more

Nights of passion with one really bad, bad girl
The Independent, Weekend Magazine: 6 April 1996
Nobody does it for your inside like Sondheim does. And nobody does it for Sondheim like Maria Friedman read more

Interview: Maria Friedman
Applause Magazine: March 1997
A dedicated actress who has had no formal training, Maria Friedman talks about her passion (and Passion), and about her latest role as a woman discovering herself through pschotherapy in Lady in the Dark read more

Making Up Her Mind
Show Music Magazine: Fall 1997
Unlike her stage counterpart, Liza Elliot, Maria Friedman knows exactly what she wants read more

It's my show and I'll sing what I like
The Guardian: 2 December 1998
Expect fireworks when Maria Friedman takes over in Chicago read more

Our Working Life: The secret of my Success
The Independent on Sunday: 10 January 1999
British cabaret star Maria Friedman is currently starring in the hit musical Chicago. Her previous successes include the musicals Oklahoma! and Oliver! as well as her own award-winning One Woman Show read more

Honing her witch craft
The Times: 20 June 2000
She made a great murderess in Chicago, but in her next musical Maria Friedman flies higher read more

Theatre Debut: Maria Friedman
The Independent: 12 July 2000
The Job, Backing Singer; The Group, Vernon Nesbit And Sonnet; The Venue, Mayfair Connection read more

Wicked Witch of the West End
The Daily Telegraph: 15 July 2000
"Feel the weight of this," says Maria Friedman, picking up from the floor of her dressing-room something that resembles the remains of an unfortunate incident involving a parachute drop and a small sheep. The harness, which allows her to soar above the audience at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane during The Witches of Eastwick, is, indeed, astoundingly heavy read more

How do I look?
The Independent: 26 August 2000
The magic ingredient: Short, middle-aged, no eyebrows and a face like Plasticine (her description). So how come Maria Friedman is once more casting her spell on West End audiences, this time opposite Ian McShane in The Witches of Eastwick? read more

Radio Interview: Maria Friedman
Radio 4 Woman's Hour: 25 April 2002
In her new one-woman-show, she performs songs by some of the great musical theatre composers. Martha talks about her passion for Sondheim and song read more

Doing it for themselves
The Independent: 6 March 2003
Sonia and Maria Friedman insist there's no sibling rivalry, just combined talent, on Ragtime... though big sister can be a little bossy read more

Theatre Profile: From rags to riches
Metro Newspaper: 11 March 2003
Warwick Thompson talks to the star of 'unproduceable' musical Ragtime and its move to the West End. read more

The Russell Davies Programme
BBC Radio 2: 30 March 2003
Russell Davies talks to Maria about her involvement with the musical Ragtime and about the composer Stephen Sondheim read more

The Arts Programme: Ragtime
BBC Radio 2: 4 April 2003
Sheridan Morley talks to Maria and her sister Sonia about the musical Ragtime read more

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