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Concept Recording of a 'revuesical' with story and lyrics by DON BLACK and music by GEOFF STEPHENS.

Recorded at ??
Date ?? 1991

Off The Wall is the bizarre story of six assorted, highly disturbed people, united only in the desire to end their troubled existence on the planet Earth. They meet in the strangest way imaginable - on the ledge of the 34th floor of a high-rise block in central London. Each one of these unbalanced characters is anxious to spring into oblivion; Merrick, the neurotic failed theatrical producer of 28 flops. All of his productions closed on the road, not one of them reached the West End, although one, a musical based loosely on the siege at the Spaghetti House in Knightsbridge, did get as far as Watford!
There is also Stella, the deranged hairdresser, Gideon and Nirvana, two anguished punk rockers, Jack a farmboy from Ireland who came to London but never found what he was looking for and Jean the young girl who is infatuated with a jazz-crazy boy friend. Through the songs and sketches we get to know what brought this mass of human debris to this skyscraper ledge. These songs are just a selection from the score. In the stage version there will be many more. Off The Wall is tense, emotional, wacky, zany, poignant and funny and becomes enlightening as each individual sees the silliness of each others' dilemma. Like the hysterical crowd of anxious spectators, police, firemen, ambulance medical staff and religious leaders, we, the audience are hoping that these confused souls come to their senses and leave the building by the lift or stairway.


Production Team

Musical Numbers
Off the Wall 
Bums on Seats 
He Looks Fine 
Good Music Won't Always Be Here 
Spin of the Wheel 
Jazz Mad 
You Know Who I Mean 
Rosy Miller 
I Won't Be Doing That Tonight 
Life Goes On 
Only the Dreamer Can Change the Dream 
Off the Wall (Finale) 


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