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A Gala Charity Performance of a play with music.

Adelphi Theatre London
Sunday 18 May 1986

Produced by 'Action Against Aids' in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust and Research into Aids.

In alphabetical order:
Maria Aitken
Juliet Alderdice
Lindsay Anderson
Jane Asher
Aileen Atkins
Wendy Baldock
Ronnie Barker
Lynda Barron
Alan Bates
Richard Bebb
Christopher Biggins
Asla Blair
Lionel Blair
Gary Bond
Roland Brine
Gaye Brown
Josephine Buchan
Niall Buggy
Geoffrey Burridge
Marti Caine
Simon Callow
Judy Campbell
Marisa Campbell
Christopher Cazenove
Richard Charles
Barry Cryer
Tim Curry
Lorna Dallas
Daniel Day Lewis
Derek Deane
Elaine Delmar
Ian Dring
Rupert Everett
Christopher Fairbank
Fred Fairbrass
Richard Fairbrass
Fenella Fielding
Frank Finlay
David Firth
Julia Foster
Derek Fowlds
Maria Friedman
Yvette Glover
Nickolas Grace
Doris Hare
Nigel Hawthorne
Ben Heaf
Mr & Mrs George Hearn
Anthony Hopkins
Tom Hulce
John Hurt
Barry Ingham
Janis Jaffa
Geraldine James
Paul Jesson
Tom Jobe
Dinah Jones
Miriam Karlin
Felicity Kendal
David Kernan
Frank Kovacs
Bonnie Langford
Gordon Mackintosh
Miriam Margolyes
Jean Marsh
Millicent Martin
Graeme Metcalf
Alex McCowen
Christopher Milburn
Royce Mills
Petal Nelson
Andy Norman
Ian Ogilvy
Teresa Patterson
Stewart Permutt
Su Pollard
Mr & Mrs Denis Quilly
Esther Rantzen
Jan Ravens
Amanda Redman
Stefan Reekie
Patrick Ryecart
Prunella Scales
Terry Sheppard
Paul Sirr
Wayne Sleep
Karen Smith
Victor Spinetti
Elizabeth Spriggs
Ceris Thomas
Gordon Thompson
Jack Tinker
Harry Towb
Michael Urwin
Richard Waites
Shani Wallis
Sarah Walker
Gwen Watford
Elisabeth Welch
Paula Wilcox
Students from the Arts
Education School

Production Team
In alphabetical order:
Gabrielle Bridges
Sylvia Carter
Lindsay Dolan
Diana Fraser
Sonia Friedman
Keith Gray
Mike Haslam
Derek Jarman
John Owen Edwards
Graham Reid
Colin Sell
Nole Staunton
Lenny Tucker
DirectorNed Sherrin
CostumesProvided by Bermans & Nathans
Founders and original instigators of the GalaLiz Davies
Peter Docherty


This was the first production staged by 'Action Against AIDS' the trading company of the charity 'The Terrence Higgins Trust'. This event raised £51,000 which was used between 'The Terrance Higgins Trust' and 'Research in Aids'.

The 'Action Against AIDS' executive committee comprised: Richard Attenborough, John Drummond, Pamela Harlech, Esther Rantzen and John Schlesinger.

Maria's sister, Sonia, is credited as part of the Production Team.


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